WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS) accounting for 60% of CMS systems across the web. Even more impressively, 28% of websites use WordPress full stop.

So what are the key factors that make WordPress so successful?

It’s open source

Everyone loves something for free, whether it’s a biscuit with your coffee or the website that puts your business online.

One of the most frequently asked questions around WordPress is “how much does it cost?” And although it seems too good to be true, WordPress is indeed free to use.

It’s supported by the majority of Website Hosting companies

Hosting companies such as 123Reg and 1and1 have WordPress in their kit bag meaning you can install it straight from their control panels and point it directly to your domain.

Is supported by over 55,000 plugins

The beauty of WordPress plugins is there is usually something available to fulfil the functionally you are looking for, removing the need to build anything in-house.

Whilst plugins are easy to search for and install, the real science starts in the application of those plugins within your website, supplementing your content, layouts and themes.

There are more than 11,000 different themes available

To help you kickstart your website design, you can download and install a theme to get you some of the way.  A WordPress theme is a collection of files (stylesheets, code, images) that work together to produce the underlying graphical look and feel for your site without modifying the underlying software.

There’s over 11,000 of these to choose from, some paid for and some free, so if you have idea in mind, or are looking for some inspiration, you can search for themes from within WordPress, install and get configuring pretty quickly.

It’s scalable, you can use it to create your first blog or power an enterprise site

It’s true that many small and personal blog websites are on WordPress, but on the other hand businesses like Mercedes Benz, Bacardi and Sony Music use it too. Even Twitter’s most popular figure, Katy Perry, has her site on WordPress!

The point is that WordPress is an incredibly powerful platform that can be configured and tailored for any purpose.

It has strong community of developers, translators and contributors

WordPress is already a strong proposition, but it also boasts a huge community of developers constantly adding new features and making the platform even better.

You don’t become the most popular CMS in the world by standing still.

It comes in 62 different languages

As a global provider it’s no surprise that WordPress is available in so many languages. If you have offices abroad and users who speak different languages, this could be crucial.

It’s the good fit for B2B

Building a website for most businesses is part of the overall strategy to drive growth.  With WordPress the tools, the resources and the optimised UI,  mean that the buck doesn’t stop when your website is completed – the result you have is an evolving content platform and communication tool with which to engage your target audience.

Your website is only as good as the user experience

Despite making life a lot easier, WordPress, and any other CMS for that matter, will not guarantee you a successful website receiving thousands upon thousands of visitors every day.  ‘Content is King’ as the saying goes – without great content, user experience, navigation, analytics, SEO and storytelling your beautiful masterpiece of a WordPress site is merely just a pretty picture!


If you’ve found a theme or struggling with your WordPress setup we would be glad to help!  Get in touch here.


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