THE VIDEO Challenge

Show don’t tell

It’s no secret that video is rapidly growing in importance – it’s now touted as the most thoroughly consumed content on the web so it’s not difficult to see why.

The days of not being able to create a video for under £10k are over. Video has gone from a ‘nice to’ to ‘must have’. And the advent of new technologies and the availability of broadcast-quality stock footage means that creating a sleek, professional video can now be done in less time and less cost than ever before.

Want to create your own video? Contact us & we’ll get the popcorn. 


We simplify the process and deliver results fast.

Essential Video

We can produce video content quickly, so you can have footage ready to go out with your latest news piece, social post or product launch. We can help you turn that complex message or product into an easily digestible video your audience will understand. We’ll source professional footage relating to your industry and mix it with music – no film shoot needed.



Show your audience exactly what they’ll be getting with your event, communicate the key details, how to RSVP and why it’s an event that mustn’t be missed. Use it on your website, on YouTube and share it on social.


Video is the perfect way to demo your product to customers, enabling them to follow your instructions step-by-step, contributing to a reduction in common support queries whilst showing off its main features!


Reports show that viewers are less likely to skim through video and more likely to retain information. But video shouldn’t be stand alone – we can give it some legs by creating a whole campaign around it so it works even harder.

Essential Showreel

“Essential is an excellent agency, they are a pleasure to work with and they deliver outstanding results.

Deb Szajngarten, Radware