Whether you’re looking for help with a single project or are after support with an integrated campaign, we’re able to offer our services in a variety of ways to align with your budget and your objectives.

no one size fits all

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes

And their PR and marketing needs do too.

We’ve developed a range of packaged services that offer the flexibility to support businesses in a variety of ways so that they can give us a try or trust the recommendations from our other happy clients and engage in a full programme, or something in between.

Don’t know what you need?  Don’t worry, let’s just meet up and discuss your objectives and we’ll work it out from there.

Book a Meeting with Us

Essential Communications are a marketing agency you can truly depend upon to help our business generate leads and raise its profile through their creative marketing ideas and expertise. They are also a very approachable and flexible company to work with.”

Ceri Jones – Avnet Technology Solutions


Just need help for a one off activity or deliverable?

If you’re looking for an agency to support a one off project such as conducting some research, designing a website or running an event then we’re the team for you. 

Send us your brief or let’s schedule a call and let’s get started! 

Take us on for a Project

Essential are a small but dynamic agency with a load of creative ideas and the drive, enthusiasm and professionalism to see them through to fruition. With a fabulously personal service Sam and the team are a pleasure to work with.

Sean Campbell – Exonar



Big or small, we can help with them all

Campaigns come in all shapes and sizes so if you’re looking for an agency to help you by taking on the whole campaign or working alongside your in house team then we’re here for you.

Got an idea but not sure how to make it into a campaign? Great, we love briefs like that! Just let us know and we’ll come back with a creative approach that aligns with your budget and objectives and you can get on with day job. 

Give us a call about your next campaign and let’s put our heads together and make it a real success.

Brief us on your Campaign

“Essential is an excellent agency, they are a pleasure to work with and they deliver outstanding results.”

Deborah Szajngarten – Radware


Looking for a regular service? 

Some activities need to be carried out repeatedly. PR and social media are perfect examples where success builds over time and frequency is key.

Or maybe you’re looking to run a channel communications programme or you want to increase internal awareness through regular touches. 

If you’re looking to run a programme then give us a call, we’ll ensure you never miss a beat. 

Let us run your Marketing Programme

Sam and the Essential team were just that, essential to the success of the opening of our new Tech Centre. They are a fabulous resource and one we will continue to work with in the future.

Kimberly A Carroll – Apex 


It’s like we’re in house

There are a number of reasons why businesses consider outsourcing their marketing. Cost is certainly one, as being external you won’t need to pay an agency a salary, pension or NI which could save you money.

The other reason businesses outsource is because they realise that when they hire an agency they get a fully skilled team and there are very few individuals who are specialists in the variety of skills needed to be successful in marketing today. 

Maybe you’re thinking about whether to hire or outsource or perhaps you’re looking to extend your team virtually. Either way we can help.

Let us be your Marketing Department

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