Red carpets and Hollywood smiles at the ready… Team Essential are finalists in the Email Marketing Category at this year’s The Drum RAR Digital Awards!!

RAR – what’s that?

The Recommended Agency Register (RAR) is a service owned by The Drum to enable organisations to choose agencies based on ratings from their clients.

How were you nominated for an award?

The awards are entirely based on client ratings. There’s nothing we can do or say, no written application we make to RAR, they simply download the ratings from their database to identify which agencies are the highest rated by clients for digital services.

This means we are one of the top 6 rated agencies on the register for Email Marketing within our staffing category (Under 40 total staff) and have been nominated for the award alongside those 5 other agencies.

When will you know if you’ve won?

The awards ceremony will take place in London on June 19th2018, where the winners in each category will be announced. We’ll be keeping everything crossed until then!

What does this mean for us?

It means you’re in safe hands! The point of RAR is that you don’t have to take our word for it.

Our clients have rated us highly across multiple services we provide, you can view our RAR agency profile for more details here.

Experts in email marketing

Receiving a nomination for Email Marketing at the RAR Digital Awards is a great badge of honour, highlighting our expertise in-house on a number of leading marketing tools in the market such as Sharpspring, Communigator and MailChimp to name a few.

Thank you to our clients!

The best part about this nomination is that it comes from the recommendations and ratings RAR have received from our clients. If you’re happy, we’re happy – and nominated! So thank you for all of your support!

To find out more about the email marketing services we provide, please get in touch.

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