Do we at Essential drink too much coffee and if we’re quantifying coffee how much coffee is too much?

A sign that coffee is a key feature in the office is that all new employees are given a lesson on how to use the coffee machine on their first day, and sometimes it’s one of the first things they do! Once they’ve mastered the coffee machine they then need to do a coffee run which involves knowing which colour coffee pod everyone wants and which combinations of buttons to press on the machine for that person.

How much coffee do we drink? 

We started a tally chart to log how much coffee everyone was drinking at work. It soon became obvious that two members of the team drink more than others and they usually drink between 4-6 cups a day everyone else is about 2 cups.

The coffee machine we use in the office means we can chose between different types of coffee, so does this mean that two weaker coffees are equal to one strong one.The general consensus in the office is that the higher the number the stronger the coffee but this doesn’t seem to the case as according to Nespresso ‘The grind is a factor that affects the flow time of the coffee and its aromatic profile. The intensity of a coffee is determined by the degree of roasting, its body and its bitterness; it bears no relation to the percentage of caffeine’.

Mike has asked Nespresso via Twitter and their feedback was that it’s all ‘about the intensity rather than the strength’.

Are there benefits of drinking coffee?

There have been many recent articles published regarding the health benefits of drinking coffee from ‘Making you smarter – in the short and long term’ to reducing your risks of certain illnesses, we are frequently being told that drinking 4 cups of coffee a day is a good thing.

Overall the main benefit for everyone at Essential is that coffee makes you more alert and focused, plus we all enjoy it!

Alexa the Amazon virtual personal assistant has recently joined the office and the team are working on getting her to help us with the coffee rota, so we can ask ‘Alexa , who’s turn is it to make coffee’. Much to the team’s disappointment Alexa could only find a tea rota so far, but we’re working on it!