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The Power of the Case Study

The ‘evidence’ stage is the final stage of the decision-making process an individual goes through when evaluating an organisation’s products and services. Case Studies are a tried and tested tool in this stage, helping to convince the individual that an organisation is right for them. The Case Study is the proof that a solution works and that it has provided great value to others.

Above you’ll see a collection of our case studies, showcasing the work we’ve done and the evidence provided by our clients as to the quality and value of the work we provide.

We’re proud of our case studies and would be glad to assist you in the creation of yours.


Essential have provided invaluable support over the last year as we changed our approach to delivering newsletters. They have been creative and proactive and generally gone above and beyond to ensure that we executed to the plan.


UK Marketing Director, Tech Data

I am consistently impressed by Essential’s ability to get things right on the first attempt. Not only have they taken the lead on several key projects, they are always prepared to bring ideas to us and work on opportunities that we would otherwise not have the capacity to be involved with.


Marketing Manager, Touchstar

Please allow me to express again our sincere appreciation for your partnership and all of your efforts.  Today was a historic event in the growth of our EU operations and it was a smashing success!


VP Global Marketing, Apex

Essential are a small but dynamic agency with a load of creative ideas and the drive, enthusiasm and professionalism to see them through to fruition. With a fabulously personal service Sam and the team are a pleasure to work with.


Business Development Director, Exonar