How to fit a Doberman into a snow globe: An idiot’s guide to green screen

Christmas 2017. Panic sets in. It’s that time of year where you must send out your Christmas holiday email and (perhaps more importantly) decide on your visual creative.  Festive team photo? – Fred from accounts hates Christmas. With a passion. Total Grinch – and he’s...

Team Essential Earn Qualifications from The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing

Congratulations are in order for five of the Essential team, after each getting their heads down to study for their IDM qualifications over the last couple of months, all passing with flying colours! What does this mean for you? We’re continuously learning here at...

Instagram – the good, the bad and the beautiful

“Why do I need to be on Instagram?” It’s a question asked by businesses large and small, from start-ups to PLCs and even the tech-savvy. Surely, it’s just a social platform where people share selfies, pictures of their cats, or avocado on toast. Sometimes cats and...

5 things they don’t tell you about LinkedIn sponsored content

Self-service ad platforms, they're all the same right? Wrong.   I found navigating Twitter and Facebook's self-serve ad platforms relatively easy but when it came to setting up a campaign on LinkedIn, I hit a few stumbling blocks which, quite frankly, I never expected...

Digital marketing – what you can do in 15 minutes

Time usually plays a part in any excuse these days but setting aside just a few minutes a day or even a week there is plenty you can still achieve in the world of digital marketing.  Now 15 minutes is only a short space of time, so I’m not suggesting you can build and...

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