Team Essential Earn Qualifications from The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing

Congratulations are in order for five of the Essential team, after each getting their heads down to study for their IDM qualifications over the last couple of months, all passing with flying colours! What does this mean for you? We’re continuously learning here at...

6 reasons why Google loves bloggers

What type of blog catches your attention? Do you like inspirational pieces? Or perhaps a personal, Q&A style article? How about blogs that offer advice, or those that pique your interest by choosing a curious topic or angle? Blog writers are always coming up with...

10 tips on how to write great copy for your website

Printed copy on the web – does it work? One of the common mistakes made in business is using copy that may apply to printed collateral, on the web. It may seem easy, even logical to just ‘lift and shift’, however there should be some marked differences. Here’s a list...

Practical SEO tips that Tom, Dick and even Harry can action now!

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a wonderful minefield of somewhat bewildering, and complicated actions or ideas that are absolutely crucial to your digital marketing strategy and efforts.   For those of you that have been tasked with optimising your website and...

Where are all my web visitors going? 5 Things to look at in Google Analytics

What’s the purpose of your website?  I’m beginning this article with that question because hopefully the content and structure of your website supports what you want your visitors to do on it.  Whether it’s direct sales, making an enquiry, requesting a demo or the...

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