3 top tips for handling that big press interview

We’ve all seen an awkward interview, whether it’s Jeremy Paxman grilling a slippery politician or Quentin Tarantino threatening to ‘shut down’ Krishnan Guru-Murthy (well worth another watch, by the way). But outside of the celebrity and political pressure cookers, how...

Team Essential Earn Qualifications from The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing

Congratulations are in order for five of the Essential team, after each getting their heads down to study for their IDM qualifications over the last couple of months, all passing with flying colours! What does this mean for you? We’re continuously learning here at...

6 reasons why Google loves bloggers

What type of blog catches your attention? Do you like inspirational pieces? Or perhaps a personal, Q&A style article? How about blogs that offer advice, or those that pique your interest by choosing a curious topic or angle? Blog writers are always coming up with...

Man bites dog: the secret to writing perfect headlines

Nailing the perfect headline is a tricky task for any writer, no matter their subject or intended audience. We’ve all experienced brain freeze when trying to create a catchy title. Even if you’ve just reeled off hundreds of words of complete brilliance. When I was...

It’s time to rethink how you measure the value of PR

Decades ago, the way PR was traditionally measured involved measuring the size of a piece of coverage in a newspaper or magazine and working out the cost in column inches of running an advert in that space in order to define its value. In today’s world, AVE...

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