It’s estimated that there are currently over 1.2 billion websites online right now[1] – and this number is growing every second.

Unlike a great book or must-see film, unmissable websites aren’t really top social discussions amongst non-marketing or designer types. We have our go-to websites that we use every day for our social networking, banking, shopping etc. but do we ever really stop to think about websites as a source of entertainment in themselves?

When was the last time someone said to you – “check this site out!” ?

Well, while I go and rest my square eyes, check these exciting, innovative websites out:

1. Predictive world:

Built as a marketing tool for the release of the video game ‘Watch Dogs 2’ this is an incredibly addictive website that uses your basic information or facebook profile to show you interactive stats ranging from your life expectancy, job prospects and even your likelihood of smoking marijuana!

Each change you make alters your predictions based on real statistics –  explaining exactly how this impacts your stats.

It’s creepy, insightful and cool.

2. Get Coleman:

One of my colleagues brought this site to my attention. I won’t spoil the surprise but this is how you showcase your skills…

3. Weirdbox:

Type in your @instagram handle. Watch the film unfold.

4. Nonsilentfilm:

Getty Images designed a genius way of showcasing their audio library by creating an interactive score and sound design for the iconic silent horror film ‘Nosferatu’.

5. Reword it:!/

Built to raise awareness of online bullying, re-word it is a tool designed to make users think twice before writing offensive or insulting content online. Visually impactful and well handled, it’s well worth taking a look.

Famous Stache:

Built by a creative agency as an experiment, this site looks at the most famous ‘taches in human history.