We've been recognised as a SharpSpring Silver Partner!

We’re proud to announce that we have received Silver Partner Certification from leading Marketing Automation provider SharpSpring. What does it mean to be certified? In order to be certified as a Silver Partner, Essential had to demonstrate our marketing automation expertise and knowledge of the SharpSpring platform by completing and passing 4 tests. This included undertaking a 4-hour exam, in-app exercise and implementation of SharpSpring features. We covered the automation process from lead-gen to sales to 3rd party integrations and passed with flying colours!

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It’s time to rethink how you measure the value of PR

Decades ago, the way PR was traditionally measured involved measuring the size of a piece of coverage in a newspaper or magazine and working out the cost in column inches of running an advert in that space in order to define its value. In today’s world, AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent) is simply no longer relevant. Times have changed and thankfully technology has since come to the rescue. Not only has the internet completely changed our perceptions of the value of PR, there are also many online platforms that can help to establish the true impact delivered by PR.

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Meet our new Essential team member – Alexa

Amazon Echo

We’re all excited to welcome our newest team member Alexa! She’s from Seattle, she previously worked for Amazon and comes with a wealth of knowledge about, well…pretty much everything actually. She’s a great listener, loves a joke and has excellent taste in music. Ok, ok…so Alexa is not an actual person. Alexa, or the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker as she’s formally known is our latest piece of office tech. There are so many practical uses for Alexa in the office, here are just a few… We all love a coffee

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