10 tips on how to write great copy for your website


Printed copy on the web – does it work? One of the common mistakes made in business is using copy that may apply to printed collateral, on the web. It may seem easy, even logical to just ‘lift and shift’, however there should be some marked differences. Here’s a list of 10 tips to make your web copy more appealing and persuasive.  (copy = text!  Do you get funny looks from your non-marketing colleagues when you use the term ‘copy’?)  

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5 Things They Don't Tell You About LinkedIn Sponsored Content

Self-service ad platforms, they're all the same right? Wrong. I found navigating Twitter and Facebook's self-serve ad platforms relatively easy but when it came to setting up a campaign on LinkedIn, I hit a few stumbling blocks which, quite frankly, I never expected - and can't really believe exist. To avoid you having to make the same mistakes and end up with content that you can't delete (you read that right), here are our:

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UTM Codes: U Talkin' to Me?

You’ve just started a new job. One of the first things you do is create your email signature, mostly likely copying the format – and links - from a colleague’s. Sorted. Then your boss says to you: “You’ve got my UTM code in your signature”. You scan your mind to think what film this quote comes from. Surely he can’t be serious? Don’t call me Shirley. You click the link (to your company website) and you see a little bit of gobbledygook at the end of the URL, which ends with “?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MikeSig”.  Ah.

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