I think my colleagues drink too much coffee....

Do we at Essential drink too much coffee and if we’re quantifying coffee how much coffee is too much? A sign that coffee is a key feature in the office is that all new employees are given a lesson on how to use the coffee machine on their first day, and sometimes it’s one of the first things they do! Once they’ve mastered the coffee machine they then need to do a coffee run which involves knowing which colour coffee pod everyone wants and which combinations of buttons to press on the machine for that person.

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Don’t be infotragic: How to create effective infographics

How to create effective infographics

It’s often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But if some people are to be believed, images are worth an awful lot more than that. A quick Google search suggests that visuals are processed up to 60,000 times faster than text, with images processed in just 13 milliseconds. Whether you believe those numbers or not, one thing that most people who deal with data will agree on is that data becomes much easier to interpret when it’s presented visually.

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Where are all my web visitors going?

What’s the purpose of your website?  I’m beginning this article with that question because hopefully the content and structure of your website supports what you want your visitors to do on it.  Whether it’s direct sales, making an enquiry, requesting a demo or the download of some specific content - all websites exist for a reason.  So are your website visitors behaving in the way that you hope?

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